copy paste to work with Windows 10 linux subsystem

Linux subsystem in Windows 10 is awesome. Unfortunately due to how stuff works pasting to bash.exe does not follow Windows conventions. Only way to paste in to bash.exe is to right clicking with mouse. This breaks work flows really badly. I googled and googled and results were “this is the way it is” and lots of nice explanations why this is the way it is.

Like many other things, this can be fixed. Computer is here to do my bidding, allow me to work. So here is my crude autohotkey solution

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe bash.exe
  MouseClick, right, 50, 50

Compile that to a exe and run it or add it to your existing autohotkey script and ctrl+v works again! CTRL+v is not passed to bash, instead right click is done with mouse on active window coordinates 50,50. Life is good again!

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